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400 Credits/mo.
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20% Residual Traffic
40% Residual Income!
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My Traffic Zone Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Traffic Exchange?
A traffic exchange is an exchange of traffic. You view other members sites that they are marketing, in exchange for other members viewing your sites. Everybody gets traffic!
What is Manual Surfing?
Manual surfing means that you must perform an action (clicking an image) to view the next site and earn more credits. By making all users wait till the timer reaches zero and click a correct image, this ensures that there is a real person viewing your site.
Is My Traffic Zone Free?
Yes, as soon as you signup, you are automatically assinged a free account. You will also get signup bonus credits, banner, and text impressions.
What kind of sites are allowed?
Anything related to Internet Marketing. Such as IM Product sites, Safelist sites, other Traffic Exchanges, Email Marketing sites. Anything that can be used by Internet Marketers.
What kind of sites are not allowed?
Adult sites, Porn sites, Warez sites, Hate sites, PTP, HYIP, Auto Surfs, Investment Surfs, Gambling and any thing that is not family viewable!
I can't login, why?
Your browser must be configured to accept cookies and must have javascript enabled. If you can't log in and you feel that this may be your problem, make sure you configure your browser to accept cookies and enable javascript. Also check if your password is correct.
I can't remember my password.
Thats okay, just go to the members login page, and hit the resend link at the bottom of the page, and your current information will be sent to your email address.
Can I have more than 1 account?
No, only 1 - One account per user!
Can I use Fly-In-Ads?
How long is my upgrade to my account good for?
When you upgrade your account, you are starting a subscription on a monthly basis at Paypal or Alertpay. It will continue until the subscription is cancelled. Other payment options are coming soon.
What Payment Processors do you use?
We currently Use Paypal and Alertpay. When you pay with Paypal or Alertpay, you will see and/or as the recipient.
Do I have to surf a certain amount of sites before I receive traffic?
Yes! You have to surf a minimum of 25 sites before you will receive any traffic and your account is active. We do this to help motivate new members to use the system.
How do I request a commission?
Log into MTZ and look for the link in the navigation menu, you will see where it says Claim Commission. Once you reach the amount required $10 you will see the link "Cash Out" on that page. Click on it and then fill out your request form.
How long will it take to receive my commission once a request is made?
You can expect to receive your commission within 24-72 hours.
What happens if I run out of credits?
Once you run out of credits your sites are no longer displayed. You can continue to earn more credits for free by surfing, or you can purchase credits from us.
How do I promote My Traffic Zone?
Solo Ads, Splash Pages, Banners, and Text Ads are available in the member's area on our promotion page. Just click on the "Promote MTZ" link in the members area.
Where can I find my referral link?
You can find your personal referral using the "Promote MTZ" page in your members area.
What if my site can't be loaded into frames?
If a website breaks out of frames, it CAN NOT be listed at My Traffic Zone.
What is Dynamic Surfing?
Dynamic Surfing means the more you surf, you earn more credits per site view. If you surf 25 sites, your credits per surf raises. Surf 50 sites, same thing, you get more credits per surf. That is Dynamic Surfing!
My question is not answered!
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